May 22, 2011

day 7

A great weekend! I spent most of it with my husband, and he helped me to make a little progress towards adding photos/video to my site. We started by taking pictures on a pretty street in a neighborhood somewhat close to mine, and although neither he nor I are professionals, it turns out that with modern digital slr's most anyone can take great pictures! Of course, whether or not the subject matter is attractive is subjective, but I am quite happy with the results.

Furthermore, we bought a new lens (Canon EFS 28-200) which I am very excited about, and I plan to use it this coming week to take a series of pictures...

Separately, I am pleased to report that a friend who works for a well known perfume company is forwarding me samples to soon as they arrive I'll give you my thoughts.

Additionally, my husband and I decided we will be returning to Montreal this summer after a long absence, so if anyone can make suggestions regarding shopping or restaurants I'd love to hear them.


  1. loved the blog!!!! I cannot wait to see more beauty tips..! By the way..your hair looks amazing!!!

  2. Love the pictures! Love the blog!

  3. i have SO MANY suggestions about montreal (one obvious visit)!!!

    but first of all... i LOVE your blog! keep at it!

    so, seeing as you're big on planning... here are a couple of places i'd suggest:

    1. breakfast at l'avenue
    2. poutine at la banquise
    3. dinner/ lunch at o noir (you eat in the dark and are served by blind waiters! it's a very cool experience, somewhat life-changing)
    4. sunday afternoon on mont royal for tam tams
    5. shopping on st laurent, st denis, or ste catherine street
    6. dessert at rockaberry (crazy good pies/ cheesecakes)
    7. if you're a fan of bagels, fairmount bagels and st viateur bagel shop are very popular.
    8. sushi at ginger (ask about their off-the-menu rolls)
    9. there's a great indian restaurant on st mathieu called thali. it's cafeteria style but really good for lunch.
    10. maple delights in the old port. basically everything they have is made with maple syrup!
    11. depending when you'll be here, there's an annual latern festival at the botanical gardens. it's usually later on in the summertime though. you can check out the olympic centre (and go up the tower) while you're there.

    i can also think of multiple vegetarian restaurants your husband would enjoy.

  4. Thanks so much belleza!!! I'm sure we will get to see you primero que todo!

  5. MAS LES VALE! i forgot to mention you should definitely visit david's tea!

  6. Girl... I love the bag. I've been looking for one similar to it but haven't found any. :(