May 25, 2011

day 10

Weekends. I love the sun. I love laying out, reading magazines, listening to music through my ipod, and eventually falling asleep. Sometimes I awake only to turn over, other times because Dutch (my dog) is licking my feet…either way, I go right back to sleep. In the distance my husband is washing his car, and sooner or later he will appear with iced tea and a bowl of fruit – only to disappear again and begin waxing (his car is spotless).
As much as I love this, though, in the back of my head I hear my mother and my dermatologist warning me of the dangers of skin cancer. Thus, reluctantly, I measure my time in the sun now. Nevertheless, I have been testing different spray tans and colored body creams in an effort to duplicate at least the look, if not the overall pleasant experience.
The results have been mixed. Some have worked well in terms of appearance, though the scent is putrid. Others have not offended my senses, but rather left my sheets irreversibly stained. And, of course, quite a few have left me staring into the mirror amazed that someone thought burnt orange is a desirable skin tone. Fortunately, and after being called an Oompa Loompa by my husband on one occasion, I came across Xen-Tan (I know, kind of a corny name, but it works - and it is available at Nordstroms). It comes in different skin tones, it is easy to apply and dries quickly, the overall effect is of an actual tan, and there is no odor to speak of…Now if I could only find a product that gives me that warm, hazy feeling I only seem to be able to find while wearing my bikini and laying on a thick towel in the sun…

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