May 20, 2011

day 5

I have tried many diets since turning 40. Not that I was thin in my 20's and 30's, but I was comfortable in my own skin. Lately, however, my skin is beginning to resemble that of a middle aged woman...or, in other words, me.

Thus, I have attempted to change my eating habits. Fortunately, my husband and three sons eat relatively well, and all are physically active. Taking this into consideration, I spoke with my husband who somewhat reluctantly showed me an article on how to eat better (I say reluctantly because he always thinks I'm beautiful, likes a little meat on my bones, and loves to ask who I think most guys prefer: Kate Moss or Kim Kardashian? Need I answer?).

Anyway, I read it...and my first thought was,"I can do this."

It is relatively simple, it somewhat resembles the Atkins Diet, but it also goes in the face of many dietary beliefs...So I tried it, ironically hoping I had something to worked! But rather than go on ranting let me offer it to you first and perhaps you can tell me what you think...

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  1. I really have to work on my photography skills. I haven't done much in the last year.

    Ps... Love your bag!!! (drooooooooling)