May 25, 2011

One of those days...

It was one of those days when I wake up and everything seems grey. I tried to lift my mood by putting a little more effort into my outfit - if anything, merely another shade of grey. Went to work, only to find that three projects I had been counting on were cancelled.

Fortunately, I had plans later in the day to meet my good friend Alejandra and her mother
at a restaurant in a mall near by. They are the kind of people who always seem to bring out the best in everyone around them - and I needed some of that positive energy...It didn't take long. We talked and talked, and then we talked some more. We ate, we drank, and yes, I finally laughed. Then, on our way out to the parking lot I was momentarily side-tracked by not one, but three pair of shoes! Of course, Ale forced me to get them ;)

Our lunch/shopping/therapy ended at 6:00pm. I ran home, changed quickly, put on a pair of the shoes I just got, and jumped in the car with my old man ready for dinner with our new good friends Jana and Shane...

A surprisingly colorful day :)


  1. I knew I liked those shoes that night!!

  2. I have been eying the Chloe's for a while... But I have been hesitant to get them since they are not platforms... I love them though...