Sep 11, 2011

Obagi Nu Derm - First week

I have been using the Obagi System for 7 days.

I feel my skin starting its process. It is aggressive, yes, but necessary - in my opinion.

I power walk every morning and I can feel the burning on my face. I am loving it. When I feel the burning I know that I am waking up all those little spots, so they can start packing up and leaving!

I am starting to peel around my mouth, the stains are getting red and my face also has red patches.

I am wearing a little more make up on my eyes so I can bring more attention to them instead of the rest of the face. And when I go out I will wear the face oil of Linda Rodin... it calms my skin down.

Of course, my husband says I remind him of a molting snake.

Yessss!!!!!! That's my goal, renew my skin


  1. I know you have been using Nu Lash to make your lashes grow, but in this picture your lashes are amazing!! What mascara are you wearing??

  2. Coming soon! :) thank you for the idea!