Aug 23, 2011

Work-Life Balance Work

Yesterday, it was one of those strange days... Filled with sadness and questions... One little angel left us after two years of struggling with cancer. And I asked myself, what do we need to learn from this? I am sure there must be something!!

Later on that day, after a lot of problems at work, my very good friend Lisa shares this video with me.

Please I beg you to take 10 minutes and LISTEN to this guy. His message is worth it. It touched Lisa and it touched me.

I am thinking that tonite I am going to play the game with my husband just for fun, I am going to ask him: What is your ideal balance day? Let's see if he agrees with Nigel. :) 

Small investment in the right places, Life well lived, we must learn!


  1. great video! it's odd how we seem to think we need to work for those grand gestures but it's always the little things... at some point those grand gestures become empty --what kid wants a costly trip to disney world when their parents are too busy to talk to them because they're worried about work?

    ahora que estoy en costa rica si estoy notando mucho esa diferencia. aca las familias son muchisimo mas unidas... it's nice.

  2. Melllll I love it!!! Thank you for sharing.... es mas me lo voy a robar!!!!
    I felt like that 2 weeks ago, I was depressed, super bad and it was all because my job is everything to me and everything I have!!!! Well this Sunday something clicked, and I snapped out of it!!! Today, I can say that I have more priorities aside from my job....Like love for example ;) !!! I think Nigel is right!!! We should all try to have balance!!!