Jul 28, 2011

Discovering a little truth about myself

Life is interesting...

I was having an amazing vacation in a little cabin we built in Maine that works wonders for our family. Suddenly, due to college coaches and kids lacrosse camps, I found myself living in the middle of nowhere Delaware in a Holiday Inn for 5 days with nothing other than a Seven Eleven next to the hotel. I thought I would go register my son and come back- but that's not what happened - Let me explain...

After I realized that my son was going to stay in a dorm where there was no a/c in 105 degree weather for 5 days, I called my husband and we decided that I had to stay. That is when it dawned on me that the only store in the vicinity was a Seven Eleven and I was missing everything from clothes and makeup to my birth control pills.

What do you do when you are stranded in a place so different from what you are use to... You think:

- I knew I was a good mother but I feel now that I am an amazing one :) I put him before myself, my vacations and that of the rest of my family, in addition to my work (Although on vacation I was working via )computer
- I thought I was low maintenance, hahaha!!
- I am spoiled. Correction, very spoiled
- I have a supportive family
- Life is good
- It wasn't that bad after all
- I spent a lot of time with my son, and we bonded. Like he always says, I came to realize he is in fact the "bomb diggidy".

After the whole competition was over, Gabe took his already booked flight back home. My husband then came to my rescue at the Philadelphia Airport (see picture above) with all my stuff (I hope). We are now driving back home and making the most out of it (By the way, we just left Baltimore and I highly recommend Miss Shirleys for breakfast).

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  1. I enjoyed the rich descriptions of Baltimore and Savannah, it transported me,
    l even want pecan pie! Loved your blog!!!