Jun 13, 2011

My beautiful Yoga teacher

I have been trying to do yoga for a while. Nevertheless, my inflexible body would not do what I asked...Until one day I found an Argentinian yoga instructor in an very "American" gym.

She was strong but soft. She would push me until further than I thought I was capable of going. She wouldn't let me quit and even - if I made a joke - she would laugh while forcing my legs and arms to become a pretzel. She is my humble Argentinian Silvia...

Then one day they told me she wasn't returning to the gym. I was lost again. I tried other teachers - young, old, male, female - and no connection whatsoever. A few months later I found her again in another gym.  OMMMMM was back!!!!

I encourage you to do yoga, find the right teacher, find a good group... keep looking and one day you will find your Silvia and you will get addicted.

'The root of the word yoga means union in sanskrit, referring to the union of body-mind-spirit.
Yoga helps to work the physical body by removing or easing the tensions created by everyday life, helping to establish an intimate contact between mind and body .
It allows the spirit to achieve the happiness, tranquility and peace that both mind and body wish for.'

Benefits of Yoga:
- Increases flexibility

- Builds up strength

- Reduces fatigue

- Improves breathing

- Increases concentration/ memory

- Increases immunologic response

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  1. en serio se supone q ayuda con la memoria? por cierto sabes que traditional chinese philosophy doesn't believe that mind and body are separate? esa idea de dualism es solo en western countries.. es muy interesante porque logra afectar muchas areas psicologicas y la forma en q la gente quiere recibir tratamiento. in traditional chinese healing you wouldn't treat the mind without also addressing the body, or vice versa. has pretty cool implications for therapy, i think.