Jun 12, 2011

Midnight in Paris...

Would you like to go back in time and visit Paris in the 1920s?

Perhaps spend some time with Hemingway in a bar? Nice...maybe get to meet Fitzerald, Dali and Picasso? Realize their strengths and weaknesses...

Of course, I just watched "Midnight in Paris"... as I mentioned in a previous post Paris is very special for me ( I'm sure for everybody it is). However, when you see Hemingway and Paris together in a Woody Allen film, it takes on a whole new level.

I have my own version of Hemingway at home, except he likes just me :) He made me read every book he wrote...

And I also read "A Paris Wife" - a female point of view of my dear Ernest as a husband. Very interesting and I recommend it.

But go and check out the movie, it's delightful. You get to see Paris, some culture, literature, fashion and the complexity of relationships. Also makes you think:

- Emptiness of this life? Do we romanticize the past?
- Grace under pressure? Are there any real men left? Men you can count on in times of desperation?
- Belle epoque vs golden years? Is there a specific era you identify with? An era you draw inspiration from?
- Romance vs antibiotics? Would you move to a remote island, or perhaps travel back to the aforementioned period which inspires you if   it meant leaving the modern conveniences behind?

I came out of the movie with my own homework: I need to read more about Toulose Lautrec, Gertrude Stein, Josephine Baker and Man Ray. I invite you to do the same...


  1. it's always easier to romanticize times you can no longer influence ;)

    sounds like a thought-provoking film! yo no creo q me iria a una isla remota... maybe for a weekend, but i like having indoor plumbing and a light to turn on at night.

    glad to see you're keeping this up!

  2. mmm.. paris, one place that can complete my life..

    check out my fashion blog, maybe follow?