Jun 2, 2011

Make-up, sunglasses, music

Take a look at this video. I came across it as a subscriber to Nowness, and I couldn't believe he is a Venezuelan hippie. Devendra Banhart is living and succeeding in the US like many of us...He gets paid a lot of money to wear a wig and make fun of the upper classes. Love it...But even more I love the fact that he still sings some songs in Spanish and hasn't forgotten his roots. Good for him.

Anyway, do you see that make up on her? Let's try to recreate it! She is his gjrlfriend and she is beautiful (He also had Natalie Portman as a girlfriend).

Going back to the make up. It's easy, let's do it! And after you do send me pictures and I'll post them here...

And the song - it's stuck in my head! The love... Brindo a este amor que me llena de esperanza... Brindo a este amor, un amor tan diferente... We all need one.

Directed by a woman! Yeah! Love the video! Love the glasses (I think sunglasses give a certain attitude to your outfit). I just got a pair, I will blog about them in the near future...My love always tells me, "You work in advertising and you are the biggest sucker" :) I love him!

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