Jun 1, 2011

Best Product for the HAIR

Last night I was invited to see Hair the musical. It was an amazing show. That era is just a bit before my time, and growing up in South America I had only heard of Woodstock, hippies and flower power...I'm not sure I fully understand all of the political perspectives; however, fun music, beautiful hippie fashion and a lot of long hair was very cool!

On the subject of long hair, I go to great lengths to take good care of mine. Thus, I am inspired to talk about the hair product I am using right now: Macadamia Natural Oil. It is a deep repair masque that leaves my hair soft, shiny and smells delicious!

I use it once a week, after shampooing and along with conditioner. I put the conditioner close to the scalp and on the rest of my hair I apply the Macadamia Oil. Try it specially if you have dry ends. You won't regret it!



  1. MEL, me encanta que estes haciendo esto!!!! love it!!!! :)

  2. Principessa I highly recommend the products I am using... they are the best (proven, you know why...)
    Rene Furterer.... Adranita Morandi gave me a secret place where she gets all her stuff cheaper:
    Check these products... I am so happy with them!!
    Hope it works for you so you can write something in the future about them...
    I highly recommend the sun products for those who go to the beach a lot and for you the Fioravanti ones... unless you see something that suits you hair style better...

  3. Hola mi Principezza!!!!! Gracias por el dato!!! Apenas lo pruebe te aviso!! Beso!!