May 16, 2011

day 1

Hi, my name is Melanie…Truthfully, I never thought I’d be doing something like this…what for?
Recently, though, I realized something was missing…not in my life per se, but rather in my inability to connect with others like me. Of course, I find like minds in fashion blogs where boots, bags, jackets, dresses and jeans are discussed…and I connect with others who do make-up ‘how-to’s’, and with still others who offer their insights regarding hairstyles and the latest products…Yet there remained something missing…
Ultimately, I found myself drawn not merely to the fashion, make-up and hair blogs, but to the few women who in the process of explaining ‘how-to’ also managed to inject a sense of humor, share a little about themselves and/or expose their own insecurities – In other words, my interest in them was based more on identifying with them as women…and less as a like-minded consumer of beauty products and the latest in the fashion world. Women like………..and particularly Donna.
Nevertheless, I remained only partially satisfied. As wonderful as these women were, I still had not found what I was looking for…
And then it hit me. I had been watching American women – English speaking women. Where were my fellow ex-patriots? Where were the hundreds and thousands of Central and South American women who had fled their homeland for a better life? Where were the American Latinas?


  1. FELICIDADES Melanie! Love the Blog and can't wait to read more! There was definitely a need of a American Latina point of view.... you've nailed it.

    Love the bag and the shoes!!!!! Going out o buy the tanning lotion...will let you know how it goes...

    Can't wait for more on your blog! Marisa