Sep 1, 2011

Maxi Dress from Allsaints

A lot of you guys requested videos of me and my looks. Here is my first!

In this video I am wearing a grey maxi dress with a black wrap sweater and black sandals. I love how the combo looks, I get a lot of compliments.


Let me tell you a little story about the dress. The first week of summer my husband left to Maine and I was going to meet him a week later. Well, the day of my flight I thought of what I could wear so he would see me very pretty when he picked me up at the airport.

Well...I got a little creative, I wore that dress with brown boots and a green military jacket. I also was wearing a black heavy camera backpack and my hair in a bun.

Do you know what was his reaction when he saw me?

He said: Pretty girl, you look like a bum!



never again... but I still think I looked cool.


  1. oh my god tu pelo esta LARGUISIMO. a mi en miami me lo cortaron en layers y aunq todavia tengo una parte larga me siento como si tuviera 12 anos con el pelo up to my shoulders... ahora me lo voy a alisar a ver what length it actually is.

    muuuuuy cool el video! el editing esta super chiva! me rei mucho con lo de looking like a bum!

  2. btw i don't think i've sufficiently expressed how much i love that room in which your video is set (para no soplarle)!!

  3. Ay la nena hermosa!! :D Me encanta tu blog :) Loved the video too, great and very fun way to show what and how to wear it. Kisses bonita! (para la loca de Sylvana con 12 años que debe parecer shirley temple, tambien besos)

  4. Yay!!! hola adri!!!! rico verte por aqui!!

    sylvanna de 12 años... suuuure.. shhhh... ;)

  5. Super cool this video!! Well.. you're not the only one with the wrong reaction from your hubby ... On Monday I was wearing my white converse, jeans, t-shirt and jacket ( Jennifer Aniston's look super cool to me ! And what was the reaction of my sweet super sensitive husband??? "OH Baby.. you look like a BOY ...... MEGAPLOP.....

  6. I love the dress and how you pair it with the sweater. I love your style. Precioso!