Aug 13, 2011

Sound bites from my life

Everybody who knows me seems to think that I have funny experiences and I should have a photographer always with me to capture them. Unfortunately I can't, so I will try to describe them to the best of my ability. Here are two that happened between yesterday and today:

Conversation with my 81 yrs old mom:
Mom: The tv remote control is not working
Mel: What button did you press?

Mom: All of them.
Mel: Plop! (remember Condorito?!)

At the hair dresser:

Hair dresser: Ok, so what do you want to do today with your hair?
Mel: I would like to let the front layers grow because I would love to have my hair one length.

Hair dresser: No...
Mel: plop! 

And he proceeded to cut my hair with layers ...

Conversation with my gringo:

Mel: (in a book store) Look at this book on the female brain
Husband: Thicker than I expected.
Mel: I punched him

Mel: (walking to the car with my husband, sons, and mother-in-law after two hours in 95 degree weather watching the boys play, and I turn to my husband who is dripping with sweat, carrying two chairs and has his mother talking into his ear and I say, "Where do you want to go to breakfast?"
Husband: ok, give me a bunch of cute cafes I can reject quickly and then let's go home.


  1. Oh honey... Days like that make me wanna drink. lol

  2. I am a new reader . your blog gets me away from mommy mommy ! I love it and I use those free hair cuts the ones at upscale salons with students1 I mean when will I ever get a $100 hair cut ? So I went a few months ago Aveda Art and Science in Chicago's art district , boy did I learn my lesson when she had her way with my hair and cut it shorter than I wanted I have natural curls so she had no clue whatsoever on how to cut it ! So now I paid 5 bucks to the Armenian down the block who gave me a great set of bangs :)

  3. jajajajajjajaajajja!!!!!!! me encantan tus historias!!!!!! they are so funny!!!!!!!!