Aug 27, 2011


Friday Night

I spent the day with my mom running errands and my husband finished a long work week. He didn't even ask what I wanted to do when he got home - He just said: "Put some jeans on, we are going for a ride"

20 minutes later we are on a dead end street in South Beach, and while he locked his motorcycle, he said to go inside and get a table (which I hate to do alone) because there were a lot of people around.

Upon first glance, I really didn't see a door - it looked like a run down old motel. Once inside though, not only was it crowded, but it had cool music, interesting people and the food looked great.

The host was particurlaly polite for a South Beach restaurant, even though he told us the wait would be 30 minutes (I have learned recently that my husband is actually willing to wait for a table if he decides the restaurant is worth it).

We each got a drink and 20 minutes later we were sitting at a communal table next to two men who find the Kardashians mroe intriguing than I ever have - my husband found them quite amusing!

The host who originally took our name and then seated us turned out to be the owner and after my husband got into a discussion with him, we agreed to allow him to surprise us with a number of different small plates. First, was chorizo and dates wrapped in bacon, delicious. Then Ambejack with lemon grass and hazelnuts, very good. Soon thereafter was an empanada which they refer to as Empanadilla - when this came I took a bite first and said: "This is an empanada", he thought I was telling him the ingredients so after he took a bite he said: "I don't taste any bananas!" I said to my husband: "You are deaf" -  He understood:" Do you want to dance?" Obviously we still have communication difficulties but 10 years down the road they are now moments of laughter rather than frustation.

Then we got dumplings with duck and pumpkin, green beans with tamari sauce and mustard and we finished with a warm chocolate cake with organic vanilla ice cream (while we were eating our dessert, one of the two florists - that's what my husband calls them - sneezed loudly many times and turned to excuse himself explaining that it always happens when he is full).

Everything paired with tempranillo wine.

Service was excellent and we are going back soon. Highly recommended.


  1. That sounds like a really great night. I love that you are quick to get on the back of his bike. I'm the same way but my hair never makes it to our destination in any fashionable condition. :( lol

  2. How awesome! One of the partners there is a friend from PR... Jose. And as for your table neighbor I am happy to know that I am not te only one who sneezes after she eats... I am not alone!

  3. Heather, yes, my husband is a bike fanatic. And yes, my hair is also a problem... I dream of taking off my helmet and the hair falling in my shoulders like those commercials of Pantene :) But at least I figure out a way to place my hair inside my jacket so it doesn't suffer much! I see you have a Harley! Well he doesn't have a Harley but riding in any bike is a lot of fun!

  4. Yiyita, si, el nos comento que era portorro, hijo de colombiana y papa de austria. Una nota el chamo!

  5. I have to go! Me encanto tu recomendacion!

  6. JAJJAJA q risa lo de las bananas! uds dos son un caso! :) the place sounds GREAT --i love any dish with dates!

  7. Denisse, tienes que ir con Nico, te va a encantar.

    Syl, cuando vengas vamos!!