Aug 16, 2011

My life before and after Tata Harper

Like I mentioned before, my friend/model Jenny Lopez (her awesome blog is recommended these creams to me, stating that they were good and made with natural ingredients.

Well, I started to do a little research and I found that her friend is another sucessful Colombian girl in the USA. God only knows how much I like those stories...She is living in Vermont on a farm, raising her kids and discovering the most amazing aromas and ingredients to make anti-aging products. I started following her on facebook and I saw that one day she was on the west coast in a spa showing her line, the next day she was in the Hamptons, and the next day she was on Good Morning America... Good story, amazing products.

I started buying the little packages just to test them and possibly to take with me on my summer vacation. The little bottles come in a green pouch that once opened, my life changed:

- oh, how cute!
- look how many little bottles come in this bag.
- mmmmm, smells good.
- a cleanser, wow! smells good.
- hydrating floral essence : 'I never heard of that before?!' while I was spraying it on my face
- a mask ?! oh wow! nice...
- serum... smells good!
- restorative eye cream...oh yes...oh yes..oh yes..
- moisturizer ... smells awesome!
- a replenishing nutrient complex... say what?? i need to replenish my whole body!!!

My husband looked at the green pouch and asked: What is that? I yanked it from his side of the bathroom before he touched it.

After 2 weeks of trying it every day and night, the products were gone, and I immediately re-ordered the Deluxe Package and the oil. Amazing customer service and fast shipping. I am hooked.

Meanwhile, I shoved all my other products towards my husband's sink...


  1. Wow, i'm going to try them. Perfect timing b/c my sister, who is vegan and organic, is looking for facial products. She doesn't like the latest things she has tried and her bday is around the corner. I'll let you know how it goes... thanks!!!

  2. You're right- Tata is all over the country, sharing natural beauty with fabulous women like you! We love this post over here at Tata Harper, Melanie, and we are thrilled to read how much you are loving the line! Besos!

  3. Yasmin the line is backed by intense scientific research. The results are amazing and totally luxurious- enjoy!

  4. This is the best product I have ever tried...Yaz and it works on our type of skin!
    Like Melanie, i threw away all the other stuff I used to wear and this is the only thing in my shelf...I highly recommend the aromatherapy oils as well. Rub a bit in your palms, shake them, then inhale takes you to such a happy and relaxing place

  5. Thank you!!! Can't wait to try them.

  6. I wish there was something going on like this in Canada too. I am from Ontario, Hamilton.

  7. Hi Samarine, I am pretty sure they can ship the products to Canada!

  8. We do ship to Canada! Check out Enjoy!