Aug 21, 2011

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

A true story, and simply a delicious novel...

I am latin, and I used to read Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Isabel Allende - I enjoy reading their magical realism, and I am proud to have that as a part of my culture.

Then I visited Savannah, with an "I don't know what"  that you can actually feel in the air.

If I combined that "realismo magico" with the "Savannah air" I would have the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" from John Berendt

The book describes a murder scene in the middle of a beautiful town, full of delicious and eccentric characters who make you want to keep reading. Beautifully written with overwhelming descriptions of the squares, the mansions and elements like black magic, money, love, hate and justice.

The books makes me want to go back to Savannah. I can't do that at this very moment, but I definitely can order the movie on Netflix...let's see if it does justice to the book...I doubt it.

You can find the book at:

And I am now going to read "Sarah's Key". Has someone read it yet?


  1. Sarah's key amiga...incredible! The movie was quite bad to be honest.

    Here is a suggestion: Why don't we do a book a month thing on your blog? I suggest " I don't know how she does it". The movie version is coming out next month which gives us time to read the book, then see the movie and compare.

    What do you think?

  2. I'm still trying to get the time to start The Art of Racing in the Rain. :( But Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil will go on my list (again, because I forgot it years ago). :) Thank you for the suggestion honey.

  3. Marielle, I think that's a great idea! Ok, I will post it and let's do it! You were right, the book was awesome!

    But I need to finish Sarahs Key, I'm almost done, ok?

  4. Heather, here is a solution, you can listen to it! You can check them out from the library or download it from iTunes. I listen to it in the car, walking the dog with my iPod, etc...

    Let's do it!

  5. this book sounds great! i still haven't fully decided how i feel about magic realism. sometimes i think i really like it and other times i just don't understand the purpose... which is unusual since i really do like marquez's and allende's style.
    mel tu has pensando en comprarte un nook o un kindle? i'm strongly considering it...

  6. The book is very good! Yes I have an Ipod, but I agree - like somebody you know says - the feeling and touching of a book no se compara con nada.

    Cada libro no solo te trae la historia, sino que uno lo ve despues de un tiempo y ves cada arruga que le hiciste, o cada marca de algo que te gusto, el olor, etc... no se compara...

  7. si yo se... but it's soo convenient! and also saves a ton of paper. i'm thinking maybe the books i really love i'll buy. no hay nada peor que tener q viajar con el peso de varios libros. but i do love the smell of old books...