Jul 10, 2011

Outfit of the Day...

 One day we (the girls) were kind of bored at the office and decided to have some fun and take pictures. We called Susy Betancourt, a Miami based make-up artist who truly understands that beauty in many ways is a form of art - and she is an amazing artist!
Anyway, she came really quick and did my make up and hair. We put some outfits together, grabbed a professional camera that we don't even know how to use properly, and ran outside because it was going to rain. Combining three different animal print belts proved to be quite fun, and then we combined that with:
Tom Ford Anouk Sunglasses
The Trend Boutique T-shirt "Let Them Eat Cake"
J Brand Boyfriend Jeans
Sam Edelman shoes  

By the time we were done we had created a pretty cool look, danced in the rain, laughed quite a bit, and started our weekend kind of girls!


  1. Que buenas fotos... y el outfit de show!

  2. Me encantan Los animal prints... Tomorrow I will wear my cheetah belt !