Jul 18, 2011

Lush in Montreal

I went to Montreal for a few days. I was delighted with the beautiful and clean city, but even more so with the effort that the people -especially the women - show with their organic skin care.

My friend Sylvanna took me to a store called LUSH. It's a brand for totally organic skincare. They have all kind of products in the most innovative way. For example, they have a soap bar that you cut a piece off of, mix it with water and it becomes in a very good shampoo.

I am 40 and I'm starting to see my hands and feet go dry. So I got this exfoliating lotion Sel Oceanique to use on my hands and feet. After the exfoliation process, they recommend the shea butter Battement Citrone for the nails and very dry areas of the feet, and the moisturizer lotion Kreme Karma for the rest of the body.

Very happy with my Lush products. Great concept, great packaging, fun, organic and great scents!

Thank you Syl!


  1. Yo quiero... why do I want everything from your blog? :-)

  2. yeyy i got mentioned in your blog!! quedo linda la foto. me encanto verlos, and i'm glad you liked lush! yiya, tienen un website, creo q puedes ordenar por la internet... xox