Jul 2, 2011

The latest beauty tip. Omega 7



I first heard my friend model Jenny Lopez talking about it.  Then, I went to Whole Foods and it seems like it was the "latest" best thing, even the sales person were talking about it. Just two bottles left on the shelf.

I did a little of research on the internet and it has excellent reviews. So... Let's give it a try. It's suppose to be amazing for the skin, hair, nails and also wonderful for the digestive system. A powerful nutrient.

 Omega-7: Traditional Skin & Membrane Support

While the benefit of Sea Buckthorn on the body’s largest organ, the skin, has been widely documented in ancient texts, it also has an extensive history of traditional use in Tibet & Mongolia for the body’s sensitive internal organs – in particular the mucous membranes that line the stomach/GI tract, upper respiratory tract, and vagina. The ability of this botanical to help moisturize and soothe these sensitive internal areas in addition to its external skin benefits has made it a staple of traditional herbal systems.

Do your research and make your own opinion. I already bought my one month supply ;)

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