Jun 26, 2011

Spectacular Latin Beauty - Jenny Lopez

As a latin woman living in the United States, I admire those who -like me - had to leave our countries behind and struggle to make it in this wonderful, albeit competitive country. In fact, I recently befriended a spectacular and stunning Colombian woman named Jenny Lopez who has made this transition seamlessly.

Yes, Jenny Lopez the "Free People" model.

Her beauty is breathtaking. She is fun and humble. And on top of that she is an animal lover with a gorgeous dog named "Manu".

But what I like the most about her is that she goes through life openly sharing everything she learns both personally and professionally in the friendliest and nicest way.

One of the best tips she has taught me is to use honey as a face mask everyday while you are getting dressed, or going to take a shower. It is a natural product and your skin is going to appreciate it. I was a little skeptical at the beginning, but it feels pretty good actually. She uses it directly on the face, and is a fan of natural and organic products over processed ones. I also have learned that some people mix one part honey with a roughly equal measure of milk and apply it with a cotton ball...This is lighter than just honey.

If you find this tip intriguing, check out her blog at is alot of fun!


  1. divina jenny! (llegué acá por ella), y muy bueno tu blog!

  2. I'll try the honey mask !! I used to apply just whole milk (and let it dry ) and works to fade small dark spots in your face ; )