Jun 20, 2011

Linda Rodin... Her beauty oils and her personal style.

You guys know how curious I can be. I am always looking for good products and the story behind them.

Well... I found this fabulous oil called Oil Lusso - there is one for the face and another for hair (yes, HAIR!). Being the nerd that I am I wanted to know who made it. Well, I discovered both oils are made by Linda Rodin. What a gorgeous woman, and she has a dog ;) yeah...

She is a fashion stylist, of course, and now a beauty entrepeneur. She has lived in New York for 60 years, she has worked for Victoria Secret, many celebrities and  numerous fashion magazines.

From the New York Times:

Creator: Linda Rodin, a stylist and beauty entrepreneur.
What: Olio Lusso, Rodin's fragrant skin elixir contains 11 essential botanical oils, and is a cult favorite among makeup artists, models and celebrities.
Why: "A few drops of this non-greasy oil made my skin glow, and I mean, glow. Which was no mean feat after four nights out in a row."
Where: You can order it on the Web site and it will be available at Fred Segal this spring.
How much: $130 for 1 fluid ounce

I ordered my oils and for the first time I know what a style crush is... 

Another amazing thing is that on some pictures she looks like my beautiful mother .

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