Jun 7, 2011

Beauty is an Adventure...

Today I would like to talk about my latest, super fun "family game"

The Sue Devitt Marine Crystall Collagen Mask... a whole new relaxing experience..

Scary at the beginning, kind of slimy, and a lot of fun if you have one of your girlfriends doing it with you. Laughs guaranteed. Phenomenal results!

What does it do? It boosts your collagen level, increases moisture levels in the skin by 67%, and locks in moisture for over 24 hours. Moreover, seaweed offers natural anti-aging benefits and protects against environmental stresses. Suitable for use after sun damage, peelings, microdermabrasion, and it reduces bruises and swelling after surgery procedures.

You can reuse your mask up to five times each. Just keep it in a zip lock bag in the fridge. If you live with creative guys that want to have fun with you, you will find it like this the next time you open your fridge :)

You can order it from Xiomara at Barneys New York. She is a Sue Devitt specialist and provides excellent customer service - she sends you goodies. The cost is $125 for a box of three.

Her email is:

Also you can see it here:,default,pd.html

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