May 29, 2011

Healthy and full eyelashes.

Do you want long and full lashes?

Well, I have two friends who suddenly showed up with what I thought were fake lashes...but they looked great! Of course, I asked - and they told me they have been using a product called Neulash for the past two months and they swear by it. They have long, truly fuller looking lashes, and one of them said she had to stop using it for awhile because her lashes were touching her sunglasses. Can you imagine?

I went to see my eyelashes in the mirror and they looked weak, old, and thin in comparison. Immediately I went to Neimans and bought it. It works also in the brows. And believe it or not I look younger.

No more mascara, no more lash curlers, no more eyelash extensions.

Healthy and full eyelashes. Guaranteed.

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